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Big Government GOP

There was a chance that the Internet gambling ban might be scrapped or diluted. That chance has now gone (at least for this year) thanks to a vote in the House Financial Services Committee, and who’s to blame for that? Why (with honorable exceptions such as Peter King and Ron Paul) the Republican members of the committee, Republicans who apparently believe that Americans cannot be trusted with their own money, Republicans who believe that the role of the Congress is to stand in loco parentis for the entire American people. The big government Republican who led the opposition (one Spencer Bachus) on the committee to internet gambling justified his meddling in terms so familiar, so hackneyed, so insincere, and so nauseating that they can only be the ramblings of a member of the political class:

“..Our children are worth protecting, and the cost of protecting them is worthy and worthwhile.”

Ah yes, “the children”.


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