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Bill Ayers: Teach for America Creates ‘Educational Tourists,’ Is a ‘Fraud on Every Level’

Bill Ayers, education scholar and domestic terrorist, is the latest liberal to attack Teach for America (TFA), an organization that places top college graduates in underserved schools across the country. TFA has earned the enmity of teachers’ unions across the country in a variety of ways: It provides highly qualified non-union teachers, many of its alumni do not remain in the profession and join teachers’ unions, and some have become leaders of education-reform efforts despised by union groups.

You may remember that, in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting, the president of the Chicago Teachers Union, Karen Lewis, charged that TFA’s policies “kill and disenfranchise children across the nation.”

Now comes Comrade Ayers, calling participants in the TFA program “educational tourists” and the program itself  ”a fraud on every level.” The Chicago Public School system boasts a graduation rate of 60 percent. One would think educators like Lewis and Ayers could spend a little more time focusing on that statistic and a little less time focusing on the so-called threat posed by organizations such as TFA.


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