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Bill Clinton Lambastes House Republicans

Bill Clinton is not happy with the House GOP. In a pre-recorded interview for This Week with George Stephanopoulos, the former president had very harsh words for House Republicans and their efforts to defund the Affordable Care Act. 

“If I were the president, I wouldn’t negotiate over these draconian cuts that are going to take food off the table of low-income working people while they leave all the agricultural subsidies in for high-income farmers and everything else,” he said. ”I just think it’s, it’s chilling, to me,” he said. “It seems almost spiteful.”

That wasn’t all. He accused “the House Republicans and the tea-party people” of insisting on “dictating the course of the country.” 

And he didn’t just go after the lower chamber. His criticism of Ted Cruz? “All over the world people see, like, you know, I listened to some of Senator Cruz’s filibuster on the health-care bill and he just kept making all these claims that just aren’t so and everybody knows they’re not. And in other parts of the world where we draw investment from, they think, why is America majoring in the minors?” 

Watch his comments here:

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