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Bill de Blasio’s Final Frontier of Failure

New York City’s outgoing mayor, Bill de Blasio, is a virtuoso of failure, loathed and mocked in every band of our political spectrum. He is even leaving office as the first New York City mayor in a century to preside over zero professional-team-sports championships, quite an accomplishment in a city that hosts the Yankees, Mets, Knicks, Nets, Rangers, and (until next month) Islanders, and claims as its own the Giants and Jets as well. Having run almost out of ways to screw up city policy — his effort to destroy the city’s gifted-and-talented education system will be short-lived, as both Eric Adams and Curtis Sliwa promise to reinstate it — de Blasio has mostly entertained himself by embracing his not-so-inner Jeff Spicoli in his increasingly bizarre press briefings.

Today, de Blasio found one more thing to fail at: Star Trek.

You can also tell how little he knows about Star Trek that he seems to think that being beamed up changes your outfit instead of your location. Most illogical.


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