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Bill Maher Zings AOC for Her ‘Tax the Rich’ Stunt

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez got a lot more heat than she bargained for when she paraded around New York’s elite Met Gala last week in a white dress with the slogan “Tax the Rich” pasted across its back in Socialist Red.

First, it was revealed that Aurora James, whom AOC credited as the “working-class” designer of the dress, has faced several federal tax liens against her company in recent years, totaling over $100,000. Only a year ago, James had enough money to buy a $1.6 million Los Angeles home. She now owes back property taxes on that house.

Then Bill Maher, the liberal host of HBO’s Real Time, noted that the elite Met Gala had the “servers” all wearing masks while celebrities such as AOC did not. “There’s something about this that’s not liberal to me,” he snarked. “Do the germs know who the good people are?”

Maher then noted that “the richest 65,000 New Yorkers out of 8 million people pay 51 percent of taxes” there. “I’m all for ending income inequality, but let’s not lie. The rich pay a lot of the taxes.”


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