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Bill Richardson: Susana Martinez Will Lose

It may not be on most people’s maps this fall, but former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson says that Democrats are going to pick up that state’s governorship this fall. “I’m going to go way out on a limb and say that Attorney General Gary King will beat Susana Martinez,” the relatively popular Republican governor of the state, Richardson said on ABC’s This Week.

Martinez is considered the strong favorite in the race, though. Polling in the race has been sparse, but a new poll released today by the Albuquerque Journal has her up by 15 points, 53 percent to 38. She’s also led in every poll included by the RealClearPolitics average since July.

The former governor’s prediction came in the context of highlighting the importance of Hispanic voters this fall, although he noted that the president’s decision not to further loosen immigration enforcement before the election has made, in his opinion, Hispanics less motivated than they might have been. Richardson also said the Hispanic vote could provide an edge for Democrats in Colorado, Illinois, and Georgia (where, he could only manage, “Sam Nunn’s daughter” is running).

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