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‘This bill will radically expand abortion. And I can’t live with that.’

Nebraska senator Mike Johanns just referred to this procedural vote tonight as one of the most important pro-life votes most senators will cast. He pointed out that based on senatorial history, the vote tonight suggests final passage. “This vote tonight on the life issue is very well determinative,” he said. 

He pointed to the reality that after this point, the bill is unlikely to be made better on life in the Senate (well, or anywhere). “It will take sixty votes to amend. I wish I could count sixty pro-life senators . . . but . . . they’re aren’t sixty here.”

Speaking of the unborn, Johanns said, “these truly are our most vulnerable citizens” and implored “just one Democrat” to be as “courageous” as, he said, the Democrats who insisted on Stupak in the House were.