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Billionaire Dilettantes, Continued

Another thing about that dopey Kara Swisher piece: In comparison with Mrs. Gates, Mrs. Jobs, and the former Mrs. Bezos, she derides Trump as being an oaf unable to understand a genuine marital partnership because of his marriages have been qualified by prenuptial agreements. “The concept of sharing marital wealth is something the prenup-signing Mr. Trump cannot conceive of,” she sniffs.

In this, Trump is the dead opposite of . . .  Well, who, exactly?

If the newspapers are to be believed, Bill Gates has a peach of a prenup.

Do we know that Steve Jobs did not have one? (For some reason, Mrs. Jobs does not return my calls. Can’t think why.)  He fought bitterly with the mother of his child and denied for years that his daughter was his daughter — not exactly a hopeless romantic.

Jeff Bezos? No prenup — which is why his ex-wife has so much money to throw around! — but not exactly husband of the year. I’d lay a fair sum against half of $193.5 billion that he gets a prenup next time around.

Prenups are, apparently, a thing in Silicon Valley. According to a newspaper Kara Swisher may have heard of, the New York Times, “The number of 18- to 35-year-olds seeking prenups is on the rise nationwide, but many millennials are more interested in protecting intellectual property — such as films, songs, software and even apps that haven’t been built yet — than cash.”

I do not think that Kara Swisher has quite pinned the tail on that donkey. Which, in this particular case, is kind of amazing. It’s a big target to miss.


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