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The Bipartisan Movement Against Pelosicare

Bob Costa over in “Doctor! Doctor!” has the current whip count — of who on the Dem side of the aisle is opposing Pelosi.

One of them is Congressman Nye of Virgnia. An excited constituent sends the congressman’s statement which sounds sensible: 

“Congressman Glenn Nye (VA-02) announced today that he will vote no on the House health care reform bill (H.R. 3962). Nye stated that the latest version of the legislation achieves many of the goals he set for health care reform – including ensuring access to coverage for individuals with preexisting conditions – but that it does not reduce the overall cost of health care for families, small businesses or taxpayers.”

Being in the reboot position right now strikes me as the responsible position for a legislator. There’s too much, too soon, too chaotically, and in no one form happening right now.

UPDATE: Jim Geraghty has the 2010 electoral outlook for the current Democratic nays.