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Birthright Citizenship (Cont.)

The Texas reader I mentioned on this thread the other day came back with the


“I don’t know if you have already been peppered with emails on that issue,

but there is a huge body of documentation at the time the 14th Amendment was

drafted and duplicated in the debate over civil rights legislation at the

same time was over whether or not Indians (who were considered to belong to

the Indian nations, not the US, and who were not in fact citizens until — I

think — 1935) would be covered. This was not a desired outcome of the

civil rights legislation. This was settled by ’subject to the jurisdiction’

language — if they were citizens of another nation (like the Crow Nation,

for instance), they were not able to have civil rights. End of problem.

Then came Wong Kim Ark, which was bad law, just like Roe and Miller. The

intent of the 14th Amendment is crystal clear.

“If you have not already received tons of references [I have — JD], I can

provide a few.

“And yes, I live in Houston, I grew up in Mexico City, and I can’t stand how

Bush is making it easy for employers to committ massive tax fraud with

impunity and Fox to export the poorest of the poor from Mexico. It sure has

changed my mind about the Republican Party, and I am not the only one around

here. John Cornyn will face a number of primary challengers because of his

support of an illegal alien amnesty.

“Donations are down. I sure hope that Bush has the snake church vote locked

up because the Republican Party down here is going to need it next election

cycle, because they have done their level best to drive away the



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