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“A Bit of a Break for the Summer”

What John McCain is offering consumers, in his own words, in that Today interview Larry justly panned earlier. What a rallying cry. He also seemed at one point to suggest that there is going to be notable progress on developing alternative fuels–by November! Again, it’s a huge missed opportunity when energy is such a high-profile issue that the Republican standard-bearer opposes drilling in the mosquito-infested bog that is ANWR and supports a hugely complicated indirect tax to make energy more expensive. At least he’s saying the right things on nuclear.


UPDATE E-mail:

 If Americans are so brilliant we can develop terrific new alternative fuels, how come we’re so stupid we can’t drill in a mosquito-infested bog without disturbing the environment?  (Especially when the Canadians are doing so less than a hundred miles away? Are you watching ‘Ice Road Truckers?’)


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