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Bitter in The 50s

It must be such a tense, angry life, being a liberal feminist. Go to the Ms. website and top item you’ll be greeted with the screaming headline: The F**k-You 50s,” (a look into the lives of graying feminists today—I’m sure you’re rushing there).

Since I was on Ms.’s website. (Why? Not entirely sure.), I wandered over to their blog, where I took note of their anger at Martha Stewart.

Liberal feminists hate, hate, hate Martha Stewart. This is aside from any criminal activity. They just hate her—even though she’s a good liberal, politically, because she cooks. She’s a woman who cooks, makes pretty things. How dare she. (Nevermind that a Rod Dreher gets advice from her just as much as a K-Lo.)

Just an observation. It’s not pickles, but I’m sure Martha has a recipe.


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