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Bizarro Dr. Seuss With Georgia On His Mind

I don’t care how I do it, I don’t care where I banter,

On a boat, in a car, on a horse in full canter,

I just want to hang with NR in Atlanta,

To drinko on Cinco de Mayo with KLO,

And Kate O and Jay No and Editor Rich Lo,

And all of the rest –

Heck, even Ramesh –

So many are coming, the best of the best!

Why if I didn’t go I’d be so darned depressed!

So I’m going to click here, or here, here, or here,

To sign up for this glorious chance to drink beer,

And chew lots of fat,

And discuss this or that,

At next week’s Dixiefied NR editor chat!

Oh the things I will learn,

Oh the stories I’ll swap,

As I stand athwart history and Derb yelling “Stop!”

A night to remember, NR – you enchanter,

I can’t wait to hang out with you guys in Atlanta!


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