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Black Chamber of Commerce President: Obama ‘Issues a Lot of That Pain’ Felt by Black Community

The National Black Chamber of Commerce president lashed out at President Obama and his presidency’s damaging impact on the African-American community, saying, “We’ve got to wake up, slap ourselves and wake up” on Fox News earlier this week. With black unemployment at 13.8 percent this month, and above 20 percent for young blacks, Harry Alford criticized African Americans and the NAACP for standing up for Obama because of their shared race, even though they’re being hurt by the president’s policies: “We all know this misery, but it’s something like, ‘We’ve got a bad guy in the family, but protect him because he’s family.’”

Alford added that the president is removed from the pain the black community is experiencing and doesn’t “understand” what they’re going through. “In fact, he issues a lot of that pain,” he said, “with a smile.”


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