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Black Friday & Obamacare

In his remarks today, President Obama compared Obamacare to the day-after-Thanksgiving sales:

Keep in mind, the insurance doesn’t start until January 1st. That’s the earliest that the insurance can kick in. No one who decides to purchase a plan has to pay their first premium until 

December 15th. And unlike the day after Thanksgiving sales for the latest Play Station or flatscreen TVs,the insurance plans don’t run out. 

 They’re not going to sell out. They’ll be available through the marketplace… [APPLAUSE] …throughout the open enrollment period. The prices that insurers have set will not change. So everybody who wants insurance through the marketplace will get insurance. Period. [APPLAUSE] Everybody who wants insurance through the marketplace will get insurance.

Funnily enough, I compared Obamacare to the same sales in last week’s G-File:

Imagine going to Target the day after Thanksgiving for the “Black Friday” sale. You wait for hours or days for the doors to open. You rush in like O. J. Simpson in the old Hertz ads, leaping over pyramids of GI Joes with the Kung Fu Grip, sidestepping the giant Justin Bieber cardboard displays. It’s complete chaos. Some woman who wants the same George Foreman Grill you do punches you in the uvula. You kill a guy with a trident when he tries to get the last Bluetooth beer helmet. Finally, because you kept your head on a swivel, you get your cart to the check-out line and the cashier tells you everything in your cart isn’t on sale, but it’s actually twice as expensive as it would be on a normal day. Why? Because in order to buy the things you want, you have to buy a bunch of stuff you don’t want; a DVD of Bridges of Madison County, a cornucopia of indecipherable feminine products, a top-of-the-line salad spinner, and a twelve-pack of Ensure.

That’s Obamacare for you.


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