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Black Liberation Theology

The theology of James Cone is the true “context” of Jeremiah Wright’s infamous sermon snippets. Cone’s views are, if anything, even more disturbing than what we’ve heard so far from Wright. In the latest issue of National Review, I provide an account of Cone’s theology of “black power.” You’ll also find a surprising and disturbing history of Wright’s church. (Thanks to Paul Mirengoff of Power Line for his comments on the piece.)

Want to go a step further? Then why not get yourself a copy of James Cone’s Black Theology and Black Power? Cone’s book is short, inexpensive, and highly readable. It is also a shocking introduction to the world of black liberation theology. Black Theology and Black Power actually founded black liberation theology, and predated most Latin American liberation theology as well. This book may drive you up a wall, but when you’ve read even a part of it, you will understand where Wright is coming from. I cover this material in my piece for NR, but nothing quite conveys the experience of reading this stunning nuclear-bomb of a book.


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