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The Blackwater Dismissal

Does the stinging blow to the Justice Department give anyone greater confidence in the DOJ’s ability to prosecute terrorists? Reading the Post’s version of the story, it sure sounds like these Blackwater guys did something wrong, admitted as much, and were still cleared. Obviously, a terrorist trial will be different for all sorts of reasons. But if over-zealous prosecutors make a similar mistake with KSM, they can’t let him go.

Update: As I suspected, the Post version is hotly disputed. Uncle Jimbo writes:

Hey Jonah,

The WaPo story on this is trying to smear these guys. The government, left & media tried to say they were not in a firefight, that is false. They were and I spoke to someone who positively confirmed that. They had one vehicle hit so many times they had to tow it back to the State Department compound. The initial shots were fired by the one kid who plead guilty and he did kill a couple of innocents in a case of mistaken identity. Then there was a fight with a number of Iraqi police and civilians who opened up on the convoy. It was a tragedy, but the Blackwater guards did what they were supposed to. I have a lot of information confirming this.

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Uncle J

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