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Blame America First, Last, Always

From a reader:

I must have missed this in my once-a-millennium reading of the Boston Socialist, er, “Globe”, but apparently it’s clever and newsworthy to devote space in a Sunday issue to articles claiming North Korea is a socialist paradise, and that George Bush *caused* the NorKs to start a nuclear weapons program by lumping them into the Axis of Evil, because, “All we have to go on is what Assistant Secretary of State James A. Kelly said the North Koreans told him, and the North Korean official statements that came out later,” according to “historian” Bruce Cumings.

See, the NorKs had created this chummy self-sufficient kibbutz-like paradise where everything was going swimmingly until big, bad Ronald Reagan made the Soviet Union collapse and withdraw all of its [apparently-unneeded] aid. At least Cummings believes it’s “inexcusable that North Korea… allowed at least half a million of its citizens to starve to death.” Too bad he has no idea *why* the government would let that happen.

Shameful, but I thought someone should read this filth ….