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[Blank]-Ryan ’12?

While, personally, I would be very happy to support Ryan for the top slot, I think he’s got too much work to do to run for president right now. But vice president? That would require taking off from the budget committee from August to November — unless of course the Republicans won, in which case he’d have to take off considerably more time.

Meanwhile, there’s really no one who unifies the party more than Ryan and, with the possible exception of Rubio, there’s nobody who’d make a more formidable or attractive vice presidential candidate. I’m sure many of the presidential candidates would be uneasy about tapping Ryan since it would probably mean endorsing Ryan’s plan to one extent or another.

But odds are he’s going to quickly become the most popular Republican in office in the coming weeks. The Left will do everything they can to destroy him and his ideas, which will cause the tea parties, the green-eye-shaders, and the libertarians to rally around him even more.

Also, the mere thought of Ryan debating Joe Biden warms the cockles of even the grumpiest conservative’s heart.

Biden: “Paul Ryan wants to end Medicare as we know it!”

Ryan: “That’s right, Joe. That’s because it’s going bankrupt.”

Biden: “Dish towels don’t taste lemony when you stand on one foot, and you can take that to the bank!”

Ryan: “I have no response to that.”

Biden: “Hah! I win again, kid.”


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