The Corner


I’m looking for witty sayings to use at the opening of a park in our neighborhood, at which I am running the bake sale. I have styled it a “Bipartisan Bake Sale” and my daughter Molly and I will be baking a hundredweight each of Teresa Kerry’s pumpkin spice cookies and Laura Bush’s oatmeal chocolate-chunk cookies. Other people are contributing “Swing State Brownies” and suchlike.

The bleg is for sayings I can put on the signage. Ones I’ve already made include: “A nation BITTERLY divided still loves SWEET treats!” and “No UNSIGHTLY chads, just BEAUTIFUL baked goods!” and “Vote EARLY…and OFTEN!” (meaning for the cookies we’re making). My husband suggests “NO OIL FOR COOKIES… only butter.” Billionairess Biscuits? Conservative Crumpets? Winning entries will make the eve-of-election “Fever Swamp.”