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Bleg — Receptacle Boxes

OK, here’s the thing.

Finally getting back to work on my “bonus room” (real estate folk will

understand that) in the attic. Now starting the wiring.

…And being reminded thereby how much I really, really hate receptacle

boxes. You know, never enough room in them for all the wires & nuts. ALSO,

when fixing them to bare studs, you of course need to leave them proud a

half inch (in my case — I’ve settled on half-inch sheet rock, for

irrefragable reasons), and both the nail-in and screw-on boxes have a

tendency to come out uneven, or too proud, or too deep. When you’re as

incompetent with nails & screws as I am they do, anyway.

Well, I recall in England seeing ADJUSTABLE receptacle boxes. They have a

wee screw, and after you’ve fixed box to stud — i.e. at drywall time — you

can adjust the box in & out. This seemed to me at the time like a major

leap forward for Western Civ. However, now I can’t find the darn things.

Neither of my local hardware stores has them. Big Orange? Fuhgeddaboutit.

Google no help.

Anybody know if these adjustable receptacle boxes can be bought here in the



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