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Bleg–Whiny Latino Super-Stars

I’ve been too busy in the last desperate throes of finishing this book even to bleg lately. If I don’t finish soon I’m going to have to leave the country and that bounty hunter “Dog” is going to come hunt me down. All that said, I want to write a baseball column, which I’ve never done and always considered a mistake because George Will so owns the franchise that anyone else who does it looks like a jerk in comparison. But it caught my attention that Pedro Martinez and Jose Canseco have been complaining in light of the Sosa bat incident that MLB is biased against Latinos. One of my fundamental rules of journalism is that everything needs threes, so I need one more Latino player who has complained about discrimination to make a column. Anyone know of other examples? Thanks so much! (P.S.–I’m not so interested in the Dusty Baker flap.)

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