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Someone sent this e-mail yesterday: “i’ve noticed heavy begging on the corner today. i’d give you guys a couple hundred–i do enjoy the corner. i’m wondering, though. don’t you already get enough from selling advertisments? why do you need donations? for rich lowry’s spa treatments, tanning salons, and expensive cars?”

Let’s all be clear about this–my tanning habits aside (I’ve recently been reading about the 1996 elections–one of the sad things about Bob Dole is that tanning was his only hobby)–anyway, let’s be clear about this: NR loses money. NRO’s contribution to the enterprise is to lose even more money. Everything you see on the site with the possible exception of Jonah’s squirrel posts here in The Corner costs money. Jonah does not write the G-File for free. Kathryn Lopez would walk on hot coals for NRO (and probably has when I wasn’t looking), but she needs a salary. Chris McEvoy, the great unsung hero of the NRO world, must get paid. Ditto for tech maven Aaron Bailey. It all costs money, and the more there is on the site that you like–the last couple of days, for instance, with all the war coverage–the more expensive it is. Although we’ve recently had some success with ads on the site, the last year or so has in general been a brutal advertising market, so we’ve been losing even more money than usual. So, the bottom-line is that if you’re sitting in your office or at home, checking in here a couple of times a day, please do something to help. At the very least, click on our advertisers. Subscribe to NR. If you no longer subscribe to paper publications, send NR to a friend. Or just contribute. I hope none of this sounds too whiny. We all love what we do, but if you can help, please do.


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