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Instapundit linked to this interesting article about the racist roots of gun control. For the record, I am always interested in these sorts of subjects, i.e. the illiberal roots of “liberal” legislation. Please feel free to send me articles, book reccomendations etc on the subject to my JonahResearch email account.

Also, I’ve been searching for a good chapter or essay on the cultural and political effects of Einstein’s theory of relativity. Lots of books and articles make brief references to the rise of “relativism” in the wake of Einstein’s general theory. For example, Paul Dirac, a Cambridge mathematical physicist complained that “relativity came along as a wonderful idea leading to a new domain of thought. It was an escape from the war…Relativity was a topic that everybody felt himself competent to write about in a general philosophical way.”

There must be extended discussions of this somewhere. I’m not looking for a 500 page book on this as it is a small part of my research. But if there are a couple of good scholarly essays on the subject, brimming with examples, I’d love to see them. Again, please send suggestions to my research email addy.


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