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Or Blogline, or Meet the Blogs or whatever that thing’s is called. Let me use Judy Woodruff’s departure from Inside Politics as an excuse to call it — i.e. the Blog Street Journal, not IP — the dumbest feature in television news today. Have you seen it? Some newsettes sit around and read from their screens whenever Judy asks “What’s going on with the blogs…right now.

“Well, Judy. A poster on the Daily Kos seems to think Howard Dean is doing a great job. But — and this is interesting! — the conservative blog site Little Green Footballs seems to disagree. There’s no telling what to make of that Judy. But we’ll stay on top of this story as it develops. Back to you Judy.”

I’m sure the intrepid screen readers who handle this heavy-lifting are perfectly fine and decent people who are merely going with the best gig presented to them. But I find the whole thing so lame as to be mortifying. It’s amazing to me that the network which claims to be taking the high road — on arguably its most serious show — goes in for this kind of gimmick. On the other hand, that the entire MSNBC network is this gimmick doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.


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