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I have to agree with Jonah.  This was paint by numbers support of Obama.  She could have been referring to any democrat who had become the nominee.  She did not offer personal testimony of the politician she has come to know in the Senate or on the campaign trail.  And her attacks on McCain were generic.  She did not tear apart his voting record.  She did not mention their favorite talking point that he’s voted with Bush 95% of the time.  She clearly was in no position to attack his vote for the war.

What she demonstrated tonight was what a formidable (to overuse that word, I admit) nominee she might have been.  Tough and grounded, a Democratic warrior.

I also think it’s interesting that she continues to cling to and promote the idea that her success as a female candidate is as historic as Obama’s success as an African American which  I don’t believe is comparable for many reasons.  Caucasian women have made far greater strides in education and employment than African Americans.  And Hillary Clinton in particular launched her campaign from atop Clinton machine, a multi-millionairess and world known political figure.


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