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Bloodless Mel

Fair point (at the end) from a fellow blogger :

“Mighty Derb—Hate to spoil the fun, but there are actually a FEW bloodless

Mel Gibson films. Although, the display of all this pop culture knowledge

might make me a hypocrite, because your ‘Pop Culture is Filth’ t-shirt

should be arriving in the mail for me any day now. Seriously.

“Cut to the chase:

“‘Signs’ has some scary stuff and suspense but not much in the way of blood.

Mel cuts some alien toes in that one but I don’t recall any arterial sprays.

“The most violent scene in ‘What Women Want’ had Mel painfully ripping wax

off his legs, but that’s about it.

“Do cartoons count? Mel did voice work in the children’s animated films

’Pocahontas’ and ‘Chicken Run,’ both of which were G-rated.

“Also, ‘Maverick’ was pretty tame with the violence, and lists his

next film as ‘The Singing Detective,’ which I of course haven’t seen but

somehow doubt will be another ‘Braveheart.’

“YOU, on the other hand… absolutely 100% of your film career has been in violent movies. Think of

the children, man! The children!”


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