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Bloomberg on Soda Ban: ‘We’re Not Banning Anything’

In an appearance this morning on NBC’s Meet the Press, New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg did not back down from his defense of “the Big Gulp ban.” “We’re not banning anything,” he told host David Gregory, and said that his administration will prevail in court, where a judge recently threw out the ban. 

“All we’re saying is, we want to show you just how big the cup is,” Bloomberg explained, “If you want 32 ounces, take two cups to your seat. If you want 64, carry four. But our hope is, if you only take one, you won’t go back.” 

Pressed by Gregory, who asked, “Where’s the line, would you ban the salt shaker?” Bloomberg argued that he is merely trying to educate the public regarding which products are “in their interests.”


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