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Bloomberg Wants to Supersize Soda Ban to Include Entire State

After word got out over the weekend about some of the lesser-known consequences of New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg’s ban on large sugary beverages — New Yorkers won’t be able to get two-liter bottles of soda when they order pizza, for instance — the mayor said he would like to see his restrictions on soft drinks larger than 16 ounces extended to the entire Empire State.

Under New York state law, convenience stores and supermarkets are regulated by the state government, so these establishments will be exempted when the city law takes effect next month; for example, 7-Eleven’s Big Gulp will not be subject to the ban. In order to close this “loophole,” Bloomberg told reporters that he wanted statewide action to ban large sodas as a way to combat obesity.

Rest assured: New York residents will be able to get a large bottle of soda with their pizzas, at least for the time being. They’ll just have to stop by the grocery store before the delivery shows up.


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