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Bloomberg Writes $350,000 Check for Opponents of CO Recall

It seems that Michael Bloomberg’s deep pockets are coming in handy for the gun-control movement in Colorado. Via Denver’s KDVR:

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg wrote a personal check for $350,000 to Taxpayers for Responsible Democracy, the issues committee fighting the recalls targeting Senate President John Morse and Sen. Angela Giron.

FOX31 Denver is first to report the group’s contributions report, filed Tuesday with the Secretary of State.

Bloomberg’s contribution reportedly came just last week, according to multiple sources close to the campaign.

Billionaire Eli Broad also wrote a $250,000 check to the organization, which raised a total of $708,000 in contributions between April and Aug. 22.

Advocates of the recall have long accused Bloomberg of interfering. Jennifer Kerns, who represents  pro-recall group, The Basic Freedom Defense Fund, argues that the

“campaign finance reports reveal what we have known all along: that the ‘outside interests’ in this campaign were on the side of Senators Morse and Giron . . . Senator John Morse and Angela Giron owe the citizens who live and work here an apology for the attacks in which they accused regular, everyday citizens of the very thing Morse and Giron knew they were doing, hand-over-fist: accepting out-of-state money.”

As I wrote last week, Bloomberg was proven to have colluded with Colorado’s governor while the bill was being debated:

Governor Hickenlooper, too, once a reliable friend of the right to bear arms, appears to have turned toward New York for his inspiration. Contra his desperate insistence that neither “the White House [nor] New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg’s group was controlling the agenda,” Todd Shephard, an investigative reporter, used an inspired freedom-of-information request to demonstrate that Bloomberg was in fact involved in the passage of the law


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