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Bloomberg’s Potential Democratic Successor Rejects Soda Ban

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg’s potential successor may be looking to move into his office, but she isn’t interested in acquiring his soda ban. Appearing on Piers Morgan Live, Christine Quinn, who declared her Democratic candidacy over the weekend, told the CNN host that while she applauds Bloomberg for his efforts, she doesn’t support the ban as an effective way to address health concerns. She pushed for wider access to foods rather than prohibiting people from making choices as they see fit. Quinn’s critique came on the heels of yesterday’s decision by a state judge to overturn Bloomberg’s ban the day before it was supposed to go into effect.

Later in the segment, Morgan said he agreed with the mayor and asserted that he thinks “people need the nanny state occasionally.” He compared drinking sodas to drinking alcohol and smoking. After the show, Morgan reiterated his case via Twitter:


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