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A reader writes: “Derb—It’s the hundreth anniversary – how come no

comments in the Corner?”

Well, other Cornerites must speak for themselves, as no doubt they will.

There has been no comment from me because, after several earnest attempts

across many years, I have been unable to get more than a quarter of the way

through Joyce’s “masterpiece” before falling asleep. The few dozen pages I

have read left almost no impression on my mind. The only thing I recall

is him describing a pier as “a disappointed bridge,” which is mildly clever.

This is the kind of remark that starts a fist fight, though. I sense that

numerous readers are alread seething, and reaching for their keyboards with

hands trembling with rage. Hey, look: chacun a son gout and de gustibus

non disputandum — if you’re thrilled by Joyce, I wish you a very good day.

For myself, I fully expect, and hope, to go to my grave never having

finished Ulysses (nor even OPENED Finnegan’s Wake).


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