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Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina’s Obamacare Enrollee Count: 1

Almost a month after the Obamacare exchanges opened, North Carolina’s exchange, which is federally run, hasn’t seen many enrollments. In fact, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina reportedly has only one enrollee as of last FridayAnd that person hasn’t even completed the entire process: He hasn’t paid yet and therefore isn’t really in the system. 

But low enrollment isn’t the only problem: The insurer has had ”to refrain from uploading data” from the government into its own system to keep the federal government’s potentially incorrect information from filtering in. On top of that, internal e-mails obtained by WNCN reveal that a telephone fraudster is attempting to use Blue Cross’s name to obtain personal information; the caller is identifying himself as part of the non-existent “National Health Care Registry,” and claims that his organization is taking over health-care-reform contracts from the insurer.

Via Townhall.


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