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Blume and the Problem with Girls(‘ Books)

An e-mail: 

I appreciated this so much because as a former Middle School Media Specialist (Librarian- the names they come up with!) I worried   constantly about the messages the kids were getting in their books. (Judy Blume always worried me because of Superfudge- the children trusted her because they loved that book, and they gravitate to the familiar.)

Just generalizing here, but girls’ books were always more troublesome because they’re filled with worries about appearance, popularity and “boyfriends”…for an eleven year old?   Judy Blume specializes in the shotgun approach- hit ten issues in a shallow manner and move on.

For the most part  boy’s books tend to be better written and more popular (Harry Potter anyone?) and don’t rush the kids into teenage situations. Anyway, I always liked them more because they’re fun!

Love the Corner!   Y’all always start my day with a smile.


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