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Blunt Message for McCain from WSJ

A great editorial from the Wall Street Journal this morning on the insanity of legal restrictions on energy exploration and production while prices soar.  For the Arizona Senator who somehow thinks ANWR is just like the Grand Canyon, the Journal closes with a blunt message:

Recent weeks have seen some GOP stirrings on Capitol Hill, but John McCain has so far refused to jettison his green posturings, such as his belief in carbon caps and his animus against offshore development. A good reason for a rethink would be $4 gas. At present, it is charitable to call Mr. McCain’s energy ideas incoherent, and it may cost him the election.

I also especially liked this part — for those who forever fret about America’s “reputation in the world”:

Amid $135 oil, it ought to be an easy, bipartisan victory to lift the political restrictions on energy exploration and production. Record-high fuel costs are hitting consumers and business like a huge tax increase. Yet the U.S. remains one of the only countries in the world that chooses as a matter of policy to lock up its natural resources. The Chinese think we’re insane and self-destructive, while the Saudis laugh all the way to the bank.


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