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Poll Shows Stefanowski Surging Ahead in Connecticut

In response to The Road to a Stefanowski Victory in Connecticut Runs Through the DMV

Tonight there’s hard evidence — thanks to a shrinking gender gap — that Republican Bob Stefanowski’s campaign is overtaking Ned Lamont in the Connecticut gubernatorial contest. Breaking news this evening from the Connecticut Post:

Republican Bob Stefanowski has inched ahead of Democrat Ned Lamont by 2.4 percentage points in the governor’s race, which remains a statistical tie heading into the final weekend before Election Day, the latest Hearst Connecticut Media Group/Sacred Heart University Poll finds.

The poll, which will be released publicly late Thursday, shows that Stefanowski is now up 40 percent to Lamont’s 37.6 percent, with unaffiliated candidate Oz Griebel of Hartford at 9 percent. Just over 12 percent of those surveyed remain undecided. Stefanowski gained a 5.8 percentage point swing over two weeks, the poll finds.

Meanwhile, this afternoon the Stefanowski campaign put out this statement:

Bob Stefanowski Will Completely Restructure the DMV

BRANFORD – Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanowski today unveiled his vision for a complete transformation of the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles.

Stefanowski focused on the obligation to bring what he termed “a dysfunctional state agency” into the 21st century.

“As I’ve said for a year, it’s time to privatize the Department of Motor Vehicles and change the way it treats our citizens,” said Stefanowski. “As governor, I would immediately begin work on a Request for Proposal, defining the DMV services we need. My plan would require that the winning the bid provide better service at a lower cost to both the state and the consumer.

My goal will be to move the bulk of transactions on-line and keep wait times for in-person services to under half an hour.

Connecticut residents have come to dread their visit to a DMV office. The long waits, the confusion, and the inadequate facilities are an embarrassment for our state and a burden on our citizens. The fault lies with an administration beholden to union bosses who fear change.

“This has long been one of the most wasteful departments in state government. They spent over $20 million in a failed attempt to upgrade technology, without solving the problem.”

Stefanowski stressed the potential that computer technology offers to change the way the DMV operates.

“Most transactions simply don’t require the physical presence of a customer at a counter,” said Stefanowski. “Licensing, new registration, transfer of plates—all could be handled on-line, with the right program and procedure. Several states have already introduced the ability to accomplish many of these tasks via a smartphone application. Even driving tests could be scheduled on-line and administered in the field.

“These changes would allow us to start selling off state properties worth millions of dollars, so we can put them back on local tax rolls. That will help fill both state and municipal coffers.

The building that houses the DMV operation in Norwalk is appraised by the city assessor at $5,845,710, and the Hamden property is appraised at $2,323,000. I’ll initiate a review of all of our state-owned DMV buildings right after the election. I’ll expect a full report very soon after taking office.

“DMV customers shouldn’t have to call in sick to return a license plate. Improving service for our citizens shows that government respects their time, and it’s symbolic of the transformation I envision for all of state government.”

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