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Boehner Aide: Speaker ‘Confident’ He’ll Win Gavel

An aide to House Speaker John Boehner tells National Review Online that the Ohio Republican is “confident” that he’ll win Thursday’s leadership election.

“The speaker constantly keeps in touch with members,” the aide explains. “They know him, he listens to them, and he expects to have their support tomorrow.”

Boehner’s senior team is also unaware of any potential challenge, even though there have been rumors of a backbench rebellion.

“Members are united behind the speaker,” the aide says. “They know that he has worked hard to represent their interests in the recent negotiations.”

In November, Boehner won unanimous support from the Republican caucus during internal leadership elections. During the closed-door vote, Representative Louis Gohmert of Texas nominated former House speaker Newt Gingrich as a potential alternative to Boehner, but no one seconded Gohmert’s proposal.


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