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Boehner: No Way an Administrative Fix Is Legal And Effective

There is nothing “the president could do administratively that would be both legal and effective” to fix the struggling health-care law and allow people to keep health-care plans that were due to be canceled because of the Affordable Care Act, Speaker John Boehner said in a press briefing on Thursday morning. “The only way to fully protect the American people is to scrap this law once and for all. There is no way to fix this,” he said.

Shortly before President Obama announced his “administrative fix” to the health-care law, which would purportedly allow for people to keep their old insurance plans, Boehner went on offense. “I am highly skeptical that they can do this administratively,” Boehner said. “I just don’t see within the law their ability to do that.”

He also argued Americans shouldn’t trust the administration’s solution: “It’s clear that the American people simply can’t trust this White House,” Boehner said, citing the broken promises surrounding the law.

Boehner announced that tomorrow the House will act on Republican representative Fred Upton’s plan to enable people to keep their insurance, which will also allow new consumers to buy grandfathered plans that aren’t Obamacare-compliant.


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