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Boehner: Obama’s Proposed AUMF Not Sufficient to Beat ISIS

The president’s proposed Authorization for Use of Military Force against the Islamic State, currently before the House, is alarmingly restrictive, says House speaker John Boehner (R., Ohio).

“The president is asking for less authority than he has today under previous authorizations. I don’t think that’s smart,” said Boehner on Fox News Sunday. “We need a robust strategy to take on ISIL. No one has seen one from this White House yet. In addition to a robust strategy, I think we need to have a robust authorization. And I don’t believe that what the president said here gives him the flexibility or the authority to take on this enemy and to win.”

Continued Boehner: “I look at the submission by the president as the beginning of the process. We’re going to have exhaustive hearings in the Foreign Affairs Committee, the Intelligence Committee, the Armed Services Committee, and we’re going to have bipartisan discussions about how we strengthen this authorization.”


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