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Boehner: There Will Not Be a Government Shutdown

House Speaker John Boehner said on Face the Nation this week there will be no government shutdown.

“[In] four days, the government runs out of money. Is there going to be a shutdown?” asked host John Dickerson.

“No,” Boehner replied. “The Senate is expected to pass a continuing resolution next week, the House will take up the Senate bill.”  Boehner said he’s certain the continuing resolution will require Democratic votes to pass, “but I expect my Democratic colleagues want to keep the government open, much as I do.”

Boehner said the House will establish a special committee to investigate the videos of abortion clinics “that really raise questions about the use of federal funds and raise questions about aborted fetuses and born-alive.”

Boehner did express frustration with his critics, contending their perspective of what can be accomplished while President Obama controls the presidency is simply not achievable. 

“Our founders didn’t want some parliamentary system where if you won the majority, you got to do whatever you wanted,” Boehner said. “They wanted this long, slow process. And so change comes slowly. Obviously too slowly for some.”

“Are they unrealistic about what can be done in government?” asked Dickerson.

“ABSOLUTELY they’re unrealistic!” Boehner exclaimed. “But the Bible says beware of false prophets. There are people out there spreading noise about how much can get done. This whole idea that we were going to shut down the government tog et rid of Obamacare in 2013, this plan never had a chance.” 


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