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The Bogus Man

For a shrewd analysis of the threat to the Tories posed by Nick Clegg, this Daily Mail piece by Peter Oborne is a good place to start. Connoisseurs of hypocrisy will enjoy this:

Not only is [David Cameron] fighting to save his own political career, he is also struggling to save the Conservative Party itself, and everything it stands for. At the moment, he is losing the battle. Yet all is not yet over. Cameron has shown again and again that he is never more resourceful or more dangerous than when his back is against the wall. So how can he fight back? First, he must make voters realise that Clegg is part of the old system of corrupt politics that he pretends to be apart from.   For example, Clegg claimed that ‘all my life’ he had opposed the rotten nature of the Westminster system. However, this was an audacious fib. In fact, he has a background as a Westminster lobbyist with the firm GJW, where he worked as an account executive for 18 months. (Something he has omitted from his curriculum vitae on the Lib Dem website).

Also, after his spell with GJW, he worked for the Brussels office of the European Commissioner Sir Leon Brittan. In truth, Clegg is a prime specimen of the British political class who has reinvented himself as a rebel and an outsider. Nor is his party more decent and honest than other political parties, as Clegg suggests. On the contrary, many Lib Dem MPs have been shameless beneficiaries from the expenses scandal. What’s more, the party has yet to repay £2.5 million it received from its largest donor, a notorious fraudster called Michael Brown.

The threat is real, but the man is bogus.


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