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Bolton: I’d Vote ‘No’

John Bolton has some advice for Congress: Say no to Syria intervention.

“All in all, since I don’t see any utility to the use of military force in Syria in this context, I would vote ‘No,’” the former ambassador to the United Nations said on Fox News this morning. “I don’t think it is in America’s interest, I don’t think we should, in effect, take sides in the Syrian conflict — there’s very little to recommend either side to me.”

He also brushed off concerns over President Obama’s credibility based on his “red line” threat. “A huge blow to America’s credibility compared to what? Compared to the mess the president’s already made of it?” Bolton exclaimed. He suggested that if President Obama is serious about his threat, he should have preemptively asked for congressional approval last year in the event he would have to act.

Bolton does expect some sort of resolution to pass Congress, though, saying Democratic support will propel the resolution forward. “I think the administration will win,” he said. “The White House is going to do whatever it takes to get a majority.” But he also warned the president might back off of intervention, given the administration’s muddled handling of the situation. “Who knows what the president is going to think in two weeks?” he said.


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