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Boob Bait For The Bubbas

A colleague referred me to this piece in Reason magazine as background to Gertrude Himmelfarb’s position. It is… enlightening.

We seem to be in Straussian “noble lie” territory here. Sample:

“Kristol [Himmelfarb’s hubby] agrees with this view. ‘There are

different kinds of truths for different kinds of people,’ he says in

an interview. ‘There are truths appropriate for children; truths that

are appropriate for students; truths that are appropriate for educated

adults; and truths that are appropriate for highly educated adults,

and the notion that there should be one set of truths available to

everyone is a modern democratic fallacy. It doesn’t work.’”

Translation: “We cognitive elites know religion is a crock, but it

helps keep the bubbas in line, so we must pretend to be in sympathy

with it.”

This line of thinking seems to me to be unspeakably horrible and

inhuman, though, yes, I am aware that it has a long pedigree. If

that’s conservatism, I want out.


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