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Far be it from me to distract attention from Rich’s book (whose title

escapes me–Kathryn, perhaps you could give it a mention?) but my publisher

tells me that official numbers for PRIME OBSESSION passed the 20,000 mark recently. For a

hardcover book about analytic number theory, published less than 6 months

ago, this is simply sensational. My heartfelt thanks to all the NRO readers

who bought the book. (And, in my opinion, helped kick-start its success.)

To those who haven’t yet: Go buy it! My children are hungry! All sorts of

foreign & translation rights have been sold, so the pygmies of the Congo and

the yak herders of Tibet will soon be able to read about Bernhard Riemann in

their own mysterious tongues, Eskimos will ponder the fabulous Zeta function

by the light of the Aurora Borealis, Bushmen in the Kalahari Desert will

chatter excitedly about Lindeloef’s Hypothesis as they sharpen their

throwing sticks, and the Mandarins of Beijing will murmur in restrained,

inscrutable delight over the eigenvalues of Hermitian matrices.


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