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And…If you missed anything this week, here’s a quick guide:

John J. Miller on Screwtape revivals. Bill Bennett looking young. Frank Meyer reviews Lolita. Bruce Frohnen gets snarky about the enclyclopedia of conservatism. Our Max Pakaluk goes back to Harvard, from whence he came.

A few author confessions from Eric Shawn from Fox News and John Stossel from ABC. Bob Bork on Nisbet. C.R. Hardy has a lively review of the Armchair Economist. Hugh Hewitt tries Painting the Map Red. Kate O’Beirne on Caitlan Flanagan’s fresh and normal look at motherhood. The Derb on Beckett. James Bowman on Honor (and John Kerry!). Anthony Dick on FIRE and some tools for school . Matt Continetti talks about his K Street-hammering book. Roger Clegg reviews Mary Frances Berry (poor guy!). Lee Harris on Orriana Fallaci here. Joan Didion on Waugh. And Harvey Mansfield talks about Manliness here.

For a full look at the week on NRO, just hit our archives list.

I’m done now.

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