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Books We’d Like to Find Under the Tree

The Martin Center has been accumulating a considerable library of books on higher education — more than 700 so far. There are always good new (and not-so-new) titles that we’d like to get, and the Center’s president, Jenna Robinson, lists ten she’d like to acquire.

  1. Mortimer Adler: How to Think about the Great Ideas
  2. Zena Hitz: Lost in Thought
  3. Richard Hofstadter: Anti-intellectualism in American Life
  4. Alasdair McIntyre: God, Philosophy, and Universities
  5. Richard Phelps: Correcting Fallacies about Educational and Psychological Testing
  6. Jeffrey Selingo: Who Gets In and Why
  7. Stuart Richie: Science Fictions
  8. Tom Wolfe: I Am Charlotte Simmons
  9. George Yancey: Compromising Scholarship
  10. Michael Young: The Rise of the Meritocracy

George Leef is the the director of editorial content at the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal.


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