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Boomer Nostalgia Cont’d

An excerpt of an email from a longtime reader (and pastor):

 I go to church meetings where every blessed new idea for political folderol is anointed with either the oil of “like during the civil rights movement” or the incense of “just as we did in stopping the Vietnam War.”  Climate change agitation is, as you nicely peg back to William James, the latest “moral equivalent of war” (what about the “moral equivalent of bacon”?  There’s some motivation for you . . .).

My seniors, thankfully starting to retire at 62, want one more chance to march and be hosed down by Bull Connor (and you know what?  i honor them for that . . . those who actually did, except all the ones who tell me they did couldn’t have, but that’s another discussion, like the Vietnam Vets problem), and my peers want their chance to change the world and be shown at the edge of a picture with Martin Luther King in the middle.  The fact that they need to airbrush Charlton Heston out of the photo to do that is awkward, but we will Photoshop the revolution, this time.