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Border Kabuki

Indefatigable journalist (and sometime NRO-nik) Leo Banks has a piece on the increased dangers on the Arizona border. The whole thing’s worth reading, but the ending illustrates something Border Patrol agents have told me many times:

A final note: on the same Friday morning that Ladd was gathering cows in Naco [because smugglers cut his fences — MK], three helicopters were circling the border.  They stayed airborne for six hours.  Ladd says a show of force of that magnitude usually means one thing — somebody important has come out from Washington, and the feds want to make sure nothing embarrassing happens.

Sure enough, Acting Deputy Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection David Aguilar was visiting the Naco Border Patrol station that day.  And Napolitano was in nearby Sierra Vista the same weekend, paying her respects at the Ivie home.

The choppers are gone now, and the bigshots have returned to their protected enclaves in D.C., free from the perils of the border they boast about.

The border’s safer than it’s ever been! We’ve always been at war with Eastasia!


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