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Boris Derbyshire–Status Report

Other than some slight ocular degeneration, Boris is fighting fit at 12

years old. (And this, I learn from the vet, is actually 69 in people years,

not 84 as I had supposed. The 7-to-1 rule is for bigger dogs. At 27 lbs,

Boris is aging at only 5.75 to 1.) It’s not an original thought, but when

discussing these things with the vet, I can’t help hearing Time’s winged

chariot rumbling away behind me somewhere. In the accelerated lives of

these little cretures, we see our own lives in miniature; in their aging and

death we glimpse our own. Somber reflections… but perhaps that’s part of

the reason we are given these companions to love and then lose–so that we

won’t lose sight of our own mortality.


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