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Boris Moves Quickly

Those worried that Boris Johnson might be overly conciliatory in his first days as Mayor of London should be heartened by his bold appointment of a traditionalist educator as Deputy Mayor:

What fantastic news that Boris Johnson’s first senior appointment is to make Ray Lewis a Deputy Mayor with an important role in tackling youth crime. For those who don’t know him, Ray runs the East Side Young Leaders Academy, which is a charity specialising in giving young black kids a real education. It relies on more traditional teaching methods and discipline plays a key role. Lewis says every child emerges with at least two A Levels and three quarters go to university. Polly Toynbee will have a seizure when she learns of this appointment as Ray Lewis is living proof that her liberal creed has failed black, inner city youngsters.

This is a great appointment.  Mr. Lewis (no relation to the Baltimore Raven, I presume) has worked closely with the Centre for Social Justice which, despite the name, has being doing great things bringing conservative ideals back into the inner cities.


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